Youtube Affiliate Marketing

At the moment, video on the Internet is a big thing. 50% of all Internet traffic is video traffic, and 12% of all traffic is on YouTube. This makes the video one of the most powerful media that you can use to increase sales. The best feature of the video is that anyone can do it, you can upload your video to YouTube, and people can view it almost instantly.

Youtube Affiliate Marketing

What can you create a video about?

You can create videos about anything, if you sell affiliate products, you can create a series of videos that educate someone, what is affiliate marketing and how they can make money on it. You can create videos for feedback on the partner products that you sell. You can let people peek behind the scenes in the member area of your product. You can create a video clip about writing an article written by you.

How do you actually create a video?

There are various ways to make video one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a video to use the software to capture a screen. These are software packages that allow you to record what you are doing on the screen. You can create a walk through the way you bought and used a particular product, or how you used Google to find. The video does not need to include you. You can use the software to capture the screen and microphone and record your voice. There are various free software packages for screen capture, but I recommend Camstudio if you use Windows and iShowU if you are a Mac user.

If you want to go to the next step and include yourself in the video, you can either use a webcam or video with the best results. With a bit of basic video editing, you can combine videos in which you show video captures to create professional results. Then you will need video editing software, I would recommend that you look at Adobe Premiere Elements for Windows or Final Cut Express for Mac. Both options reduce the volume of products produced at reduced prices and give you a lot of professional tools.

How do people find your videos?

Once you finish your video, you can upload it to YouTube. YouTube accepts a wide range of file formats, so it does not matter with which software you are working with. You just upload your video, YouTube does the hard work, and once it’s finished, you can give the video a title and tags. Tags describe the words for your video, you need to select good tags so that you get your video. Google has a free keyword tool that helps you find the most popular and targeted keywords.

Once you’ve uploaded, titled and tag your video, it’s available on YouTube to search for people. If users are looking for YouTube for your one of the tags, your video will appear in search results. Another advantage of YouTube is that Google loves the video, if you search on Google, you will see search results that point to a video on YouTube. In fact, you get 2 of the most powerful resources on the Internet on your fingers.

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