Making people aware of a certain product, convincing potential customers to purchase the product, informing people about improvements on an item, enhancing the company’s image and maintaining sales is now very easy because of the internet.

As a result of this powerful tool, advertising has become simpler and cheaper since fewer resources are being directed towards product and service promotion. However, despite this tool being readily available for anyone to use, not everyone is aware of how they can utilize the internet fully to reap maximum benefits. In fact, only a few companies thrive through the internet. Others still struggle with the traditional means since they are not well versed on internet marketing.
Using the Internet as an Advertisement tool
When someone hears the term internet marketing, there is a high chance that they will think of blogging, social media platforms or websites. Anyone who thinks around these platforms is not wrong since they all have to do with internet marketing. However, internet marketing goes beyond posting your products and services online. There are several puzzle pieces that have to be managed for it to be successful.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps a website to rank well in various search engines like Google. That increases the chances of being found by a potential customer when they search for a certain product. For top rankings, a person has to do an extensive research on keywords and have the ability to create good content.

Marketing through Social Media

This platform involves paid advertising and organic marketing. Social media is mostly used to make people aware of a certain brand
or build relationships with customers. Most people turn to social media when they feel that they need to talk to someone or get to learn about what is trending. That is where the business comes in and advertises a certain brand and goes ahead to get customer feedback.

Email Marketing

Business owners can also ask for customer emails and keep them posted about the new products and remind them of the existent ones.

Changes Brought by GDPR

For a very long time, companies used to collect customer data over the internet without letting the users know the purpose of the information. However, with the dawn of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a lot has changed. The ways through which people used to collect consumer data have been adjusted in such a way that people have been given more power regarding how their data is gathered, stored and utilized. Now, internet marketing after GDPR is a bit different in that firms have to be more transparent and must specify how they are managing the collected data.

Failure to comply with the new rules will see a company get charged around fifteen million dollars or four percent of their total turnover in a year. One of the ways of violating the policy is by collecting a customer’s data without their known.

Therefore, despite the internet being the perfect tool for advertising the products and services of a business, the owners have to be very careful with how they utilize it. They must be conversant with the rules indicated in GDPR and abide by each policy. With perfect knowledge of internet usage, a company has a ninety percent chance of thriving. Nonetheless, the knowledge must be executed professionally to yield results.

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