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On December 13, 2018
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Parallel Profits is an amazing web-based software and training system offered by two highly experienced digital marketing entrepreneursAidan Booth and Steve Clayton. This training system has been developed by them for those with a business to provide SEM and PPC Management services to their loyal customers.


What is Parallel Profits?

The two experts have come together to transfer their combined knowledge to those who need it. The training program is anchored on teaching the fastest way to make a full-time living online. Their claim is to make 7 effective sales to develop a $100,000/year business.
The Parallel Profits business model uses a unique and innovative way to sell simple services through eCommerce. It uses a low budget approach with rapid two week cycles. These work forward to develop an income stream which very quickly generates thousands of dollars per day. All the income is made without the business developing its own brand or website. It also has no need for marketing proposals or advertisements.

The Mentors of Parallel Profits

Aidan Booth

Aidan’s experience of online services began when he moved to Argentina. He was unable to adjust into the Spanish speaking traditional jobs. So Aidan started online services. Initially, his efforts were casual but then he realized its potential and developed his eCommerce websites. At that time, he relied heavily on Google for his income. The “May Day” system update of Google collapsed his business entirely. He had learnt the tricks of the trade and spread his eggs into different search engine baskets.
Steve joined him at this point and put him on the path to success

Steve Clayton

Steve is a veteran of the industry. He is highly qualified and has vast experience working for CBS, Marriot and AIG. Steve served as CEO for a Fortune 500 company and has more experience in this field.
Together the two have developed several ecommerce sites, and affiliated concerns. 100K factory and 7 Figure Cycles are also courses offered by these two competent coaches.

What does it offer?

The Parallel Profits training program automatically partners you with the two experts. You can work directly with them as part of a franchise. That way, all your marketing needs will be met by them and these will be off your back. In this way, you are saved both the time and money of developing a brand, website or even your own slogans. Everything will be set-up for you and you can focus on making immediate sales.
When a local business prospect is secured as a client the services that you are offering will be given without any work to perform or even outsourcing. The system will enable you to do everything without your hiring any expertise. The Parallel Profits team will be available to manage your services at your requirements for your client.
It also offers a unique client capture system which eliminates the need for face-to-face communication with the client. So your Sales Team is no longer needed. The sales are conducted by the system.

The Most Valuable Advantage

It sounds like a very profitable business to be an SEM or PPC service management provider. The truth is that no matter what a lot of time goes into looking for new deals, making proposals and finding new clients. Once a customer is made, the time is divided between managing the customer’s services and looking for the next one. So, getting a steady stream of income becomes a challenge.
So in reality, a lot of time is spent on non-paying tasks like marketing, sales and proposals. Parallel Profits changes all that. Instead of struggling to keep the new business alive an investment into Parallel Profits should be made. Parallel Profits carries a price of $2,497/- for this highly effective and profitable business system. It may sound expensive but if we place things down on paper and put things into perspective.

This price is not too high.

Let me just give you an idea. In a new business a lot of time will be spent like mentioned earlier in finding new clients. This takes time and money. Traditionally, Sales teams are required. Each scout needs to be paid. The PPC provider can decide to do that himself and save on hiring expertise. Then he is diverting his time from a more paying task (PPC work) to a less paying task (finding sales). This value for time most people forget. Then there are the fixed overheads, like broadband, bills, rent, and employee funds. Amongst the variable costs are the costs of providing services to the number of clients. In return for all these expenses jot down your revenues. The payments you receive from your current customers. In fact, see where you break-even with your costs. Calculate how many sales you need to cover these costs. Chances are that if you are a start-up, breaking even is not so easy. Getting a lucky break is different from getting a steady stream of continuous income.

It is not so easy.

Parallel Profits is a course that makes making money easy. It not only provides you with the required business skill set but also the tools in technology to obtain the results that you need. It allows you to partner with Steve and Aidan in developing your business into a successful venture.
The free training session explains the system in greater detail. It shows how Steve and Aidan can create branding, proposals and a sales pitch for your business. It will also explain how the system can generate and book sales for you. The web-based software can really find your clients and give them the services they need while you can only focus on PPC.
Another very important thing to think about is your pricing. The PPC business has a mushrooming growth. What does that mean for you? It means that you have an increasing level of competition. There are only two ways to beat competition either to undercut them in price or else to differentiate your product and develop a selective niche. Now, it may be easy to undercut prices. In this scenario, you need a system that can generate sales for you and also allows you to have lower costs. Parallel Profits can do this job for you.


Parallel Profits Review is an awesome course that is given by two highly competent coashes. They are spreading their own blueprint for success to others.


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