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Product Name:Forex Master Levels
Product Type:Forex Trading System
Author / Creator:Nicola Delic
Price:$997 (35% Discount Here)
Launch Date:27th November 2017 (Monday)
Selling Platform:ClickBank  (100% Trust)
Official Site:

The previous Nicola’s Systems Elliot Wave DNA and Scientific Trading Machine are great, but Forex Master Levels promises to be greater. Yes, it is a unique method of successfully trading, but it is a forex trading system worthy of all the glamour and hype. Have you been making losses in forex trading thus far? This yet-to-released forex trading system will help to put an end to your streak of losses and give you manifold of winning trades in its place. It promises to be an innovative and unique piece of work based on in-depth experience borne out of years in forex trading.

Forex Master Levels is composed of several forex tools and methods designed to simplify forex trading. The developer, Nicolai Delic, made a lot of revelation in this forex trading system, and the trader will have access to loads of tricks and tips that will make forex trading a lot easier than ever before.

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Money Back Guarantee

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Forex Master Levels Review

The points highlighted below will be touched in this write-up as detailed as possible:

• What is Forex Master Levels?
• How can it turn your forex trading experience around?
• Who can use it?
• Why is it different from other forex trading systems around?

And last but not the least, you will learn about the developer, Nicolai Delic. The information about his professional engagements will open your eyes to those hidden facts that make him a reliable mentor, teacher, and motivator in forex trading.

What is Forex Master Levels?

Forex Master Levels is a latest upgraded Forex Trading System from World Featured Forex Trader and Trainer “Nicola Delic”. This system contains his unique and innovated Forex trading method and tools, also good value for money. This system will be published after complete system working tests. This system is a fresh and innovated approach to Forex trading upon proven Scientific concepts. This system will anyone helps to improve their Forex Trading results. Thousands of more peoples are learned Forex trading under Nicola Delic Training, also he assists lot more traders. He is the inventor of previous successful Forex systems.

Forex Master Levels is truly unique and extremely accurate system. Also, members got 24/7 Help and support from Nicola’s team. This system will more secure, faster and easier way to trade the Forex market based on other any Forex system. After you bought it, if you can’t accept or not like it or if you think not good or not satisfied, Don’t Worry, this Forex Master Levels system provides a possibility to obtain a 60 Day Money Back Refund guarantee.

This is a unique and accurate forex trading system built to suit virtually all classes of forex traders. It is an innovative and advanced forex trading system that teaches you exactly when to enter a trade and when to exit. It tells you the areas of support and resistance. Furthermore, it will give you an exact quote for the Stop Loss and Take Profit; these and many other factors make this system unique and distinct.

It is designed for all forex traders, even the so-called inexperienced ones. While it may take several weeks or months to learn how other forex trading systems work, you do not need more than a few hours or days to learn how this system works. In fact, you can start making money with it immediately; this means you do not need to spend weeks or months trying out the system on demo trading.

Furthermore, this system is not only designed to give you forex trading signals; it will also teach you how to trade forex. Consequently, you can start generating trading signals by yourself after a few days or weeks of studying the trading methods available in this unique and extremely accurate forex trading system.
The true worth of Forex Master Levels is up to $3,000, but it is only being sold for $997. Nicolai Delic took an entire month to test this system, and it successfully increased the test account by up to 174.38%.

The Unique Features of Forex Master Levels 

The personality of the developer, Nicola Delic is one of the outstanding factors that make Forex Master Levels a unique forex trading system. For one, he is a maverick trader; that is, his forex trading system is unorthodox and unconventional. It is not like any other thing you have come across. He has the experience and the expertise required in a professional forex trader. Additionally, he invested his years of experience and professionalism into this forex trading system to make it an easy-to-use tool for all and sundry, age and level of experience in forex trading notwithstanding.



When you order for Forex Master Levels, you will receive a set of six DVDs, a trading manual and online membership link via which you can link up with other end users and also get the latest information. You can equally chat with Nicolai Delic directly when you log into the members-only area.

You will learn the following when you watch the DVDs:

• How to trade
• How to find the right trading setups
• How to use the custom indicators for generating trading signals
• How to think like a trader
• How to read MT4 platform like a pro
• Various trading ethics
• Etc.

Check below for other features that make this system the best for you.

• It is built to transform the way you trade forex, thanks to the scientifically-proven principles followed in building it.
• You can also test it on a virtual trading platform without having to risk your hard-earned money
• It embodies years of professional research, trading expertise and coding
• It can be used by both experienced traders and newbie.
• It is not a get-rich-quick forex trading system, but it will make you money in the long run.
• It is built to do all the hard work for the trader, leaving the latter to sit back and reap all the rewards.
• The trading platform gives the trader access to profitable forex markets, market data, forex trend and news.
• It is easy to read and follow; the trader only requires about 30 minutes to understand how the system works
• 60-day money back guarantees for all buyers in case they do not like the forex trading system after buying and using it.
• Also, the system is included with an efficient money management strategy that can cut down on losses. It is built to exit a trade any time the market condition goes against the trading plan.

Furthermore, Forex Master Levels uses a strategy that generates trading signals on all time frames, but the developer recommends the use of 4-Hour time frame for the most accurate signals; it is also compatible with all trading sessions, like Tokyo, London, Sydney and New York trading sessions. As a result, the trader can trade forex and make a profit without any limitation whatsoever.

The technicalities: 

Forex Master Levels Review is included with several indicators and forex trading tools that are fine-tuned to give accurate signals. Despite the high level of accuracy obtainable in this system, it does not win all the time. You must keep in mind that NO FOREX TRADING SYSTEM can give you 100% profitable outcomes; there will always be few losing trades. Be that as it may, the number of pips gained will always be more than the number of pips lost, which means you will be in profit almost every time you follow the signals generated by Forex Master Levels.


The system generates its accurate signals using the indicators highlighted below:

• SMA 5
• RSI 5, which measures the speed of price movement
• EMA 5
• SMA 1, which, along with the other Moving Averages included in this system, can pick out a trending market easily for the trader to profit from. As it is said in forex trading, “The trend is always your friend.” All the Moving Average forms included in the Forex Master Levels are customized to detect trend or price movement at an instant.
• Trend lines, which recognize upward and downward trend movements accurately
• Fractals, which predict price reversal using its five bars customised to predict price movement accurately.
• Support and Resistance (SR) lines, which enable traders to recognize the best possible areas of support and resistance. The SR lines are accurate and can be relied on to detect re-entry points, entry points, stop loss, exit and take profit points on the forex chart, irrespective of the trading session.
• Fibonacci Retracement, which can be used to confirm entry and exit points.

Inverted hammer is one of the most reliable candles for detecting a trend reversal, which means Forex Master Levels can deliver on its promises.

The use of moving averages ensures the system can recognize profitable positions on the forex trading chart since they respond promptly to forex market movements.

Yes, the indicators are many, but you do not need to study each of them individually to decide when to trade; the system is designed only to give you a signal when all these indicators agree about the market direction.

Customer Support 

Nicola Delic has put together an impressive customer service. For one, the customer support phone lines are available 24/7, and they respond to any question or query you may have at any point in time. Furthermore, the customer care is highly efficient and fast. The customer care agents at the other end of the line are adequately informed about this forex system and have all the information required to keep you updated on the system. Surprisingly enough, the end user can have access to Nicola Delic directly for a chat about this program.

As hinted earlier, the customer can return the product within 60 days of purchasing it; a full refund will be made, and no question asked. The customer will also have access to online membership, via which he/she can get information about strategy updates and also interact with other end users.

About the developer (Nicola Delic)



The Forex Master Levels is developed by Nicolai Delic, who is a forex tutor, software developer, and financial analyst. He has an in-depth knowledge of the forex trading market that spans over six years. He spends most of the times keeping track of economic news, viewing the charts, also trading and great tuning his craft. He only selling his system after testing with his own live accounts. He assisted and trained Forex Trading thousands of more peoples all around the world. His trading methods are almost unique methods based on other methods. He is the inventor of previous successful Forex Systems “Elliot Wave DNA” and “Scientific Trading Machine“.

His current engagements are highlighted below:

• Chief Executive Officer at Singapore Grand Capital, a company he founded
• Trading Coach at Elliot Wave Maestro
• Analyst at Elliot Wave Forex Signals

Besides, he writes currency market analysis and reviews on many of the leading forex portals across the world. He bases his forex market analysis and software development on a combination of fundamental and technical analysis; his technical analysis has its basis on Correlation and Elliot Wave Theory. Additionally, he took some time to learn about the Elliot Wave Theory, and the deep knowledge he derived from that formed the basis for the various Forex trading systems he developed.

Nicolai Delic got interested in forex trading after he watched a YouTube video by another forex trader. He added the knowledge he got from the video to what he obtained from studying the Elliot Wave Principle and used the acquired knowledge to build his forex trading systems.

He first hit the market with the Scientific Trading Machine (STM) in 2016. The yet-to-be-released Forex Master Levels is an offshoot of the Scientific Trading Machine, and it promises to turn things around in forex trading for everyone that buys into it.

The Forex Master Levels and all the other forex trading systems developed by Nicolai Delic are founded on proper risk management, strict money management, discipline, and patience. Consequently, there is no way the trader will not make a good profit by following the trading signals generated by this system. He always takes time to review and test the forex systems he develops before releasing them for sale.

What to expect at Forex Master Levels :

• Better trading experience
• More profit than losses
• Better money and risk management
• Top quality and highly responsive customer support available 24/7
• Direct link with Nicolai Delic in the members-only zone
• DVDs and trading manuals to be delivered by hands to the customer
• You can start making a profit within 30 minutes of going through the trading manuals and DVDs.
• Uncomplicated system easy to understand by all buyers, irrespective of age or level of experience in forex trading.
60-day money-back guarantee
• User-friendly trading manual
• The system will generate consistent profit if you follow it as outlined by the developer.
• It will only give you trading signals when the market has a high level of probability of making a profit.
• Aside from giving you trading signals, it will also teach you how to trade forex. As a result, you can get the adequate knowledge to generate signals by yourself.

What not to expect in Forex Master Levels

• It is a not a get-rich-quick scheme
• It does not generate 100% positive results, which means it will give you both winning and losing trades. However, the winning trades are far more than the losing trades.

Forex Master Levels System Offer 2 Payment Options:


1.  Single Payment: $997 (Save $103). 

2.  multiple payments:2 x$ 550. 

Conclusion :

The reliability of this forex trading system is not in doubt, as described by this Forex Master Levels Review. It may not give 100% results at all times, but it gives a high degree of reliability every time. The fact that the system is being developed by a top class forex trader, analyst and tutor make it the sure solution to consistent losing trades in forex. The true worth is up to $3,000 as stated earlier, but Nicolai Delic is making it available at a paltry sum of $997 to make it affordable to all and sundry.

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