Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a popular and easy way for new and seasoned marketers to make revenue online when they already know what to sell. Many people make a good living through affiliate marketing and other ways in the digital marketing world.

For those who don’t know what affiliate marketing entails, it is whereby an online retailer pays some commission to an external site for creating traffic or the sales generated as a result of its referrals. Thus, in this article, I’ve covered five perfect affiliate marketing programs for beginners
Here are five perfect programs for beginners:

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

1. Click Bank

Click Bank is a unique affiliate website in fact that it distributes its products. Meaning, you’re working with the supplier of the product you are promoting directly without the involvement of third-party suppliers. The program also offers its affiliates training on how to kick start.

The training is done through tutorials and it will take you through an account set up as well as getting started in Affiliate marketing world.

It specializes in products which are downloadable delivered electronically. They are also known as digital goods. They promote these products types and in case you come up with your own products, they help you to sell.

2. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is among the giant’s affiliate marketing programs that exist. The programs welcome everyone who wants to join the affiliate marketing world regardless of your experience thus making it ideal for beginners.

The program provides training in form of tutorials to those who are new in the industry for the scratch. Though their commision may be low compared to some other programs, it’s a great program to start with and get experience as you move to more paying programs.

3. ShareASale

ShareASale is a big affiliate marketing company that has over 4000 merchants on its list and thousands of them are very exclusive to ShareASale. It is easy to use thus making it ideal for beginners. Additionally, it provides some unique features like Average Sale Amount, Reversal Rates, Average Commission as well as earnings-per-Click.

4. Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare is among the oldest affiliate programs that have become famous in past days. To ease the competition and making it more user-friendly, it has initiated distinctive features. they include banner ads rotation for some specific products, thus easing optimizing optimize and administering for long time.

Here you don’t select the ad you want to run on your website manually, it will let various versions of ads to auto rotate with a small piece of code.

5. AvantLink

This is another best affiliate website for beginners. AvantLink usually connects various businesses with marketers whereby the merchants grab the affiliate-program advantage so as to boost their overall sales. In this, the merchant is required to give details about the program and set the commission as well as all other products details.

In simple terms, the affiliate will take all these information and take it into the market and enable it to earn the set commission after products have been bought. The system is the one responsible for handling both sales and commission.


These are viable affiliate marketing programs every beginner can start with and succeed in the digital marketing world. However, there are other countless programs you can try. Before starting dealing with any program, make sure you have done enough research about it and got contented with it.

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